Dual Enrollment

Eligible high school students can enroll in Dual Enrollment courses for college credit. This program allows students to earn college credit while enrolled in a class taught online by ULM or NSU faculty.

  • Reduced tuition and fees make the courses affordable.
  • Earning college credit before entering as a full time student helps stretch TOPS, scholarships, and family budgets.
  • Earning college credit while in high school can reduce the time to earn a college degree.
  • A wide range of courses encourages students to explore elective courses as well as take many required entry level courses.
  • address the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum
  • have a minimum 2.5 overall high school GPA
  • have a minimum English ACT 18 or Math ACT 19
  • have a minimum Composite ACT 20 or 2.0 Core GPA

Each student in grades 2nd through 12th is issued a Chromebook to use for academic purposes. Our teachers are excited to be able to expand the use of technology in their classrooms. Our students are also very excited to see all of the new avenues of research they have at their disposal. Notebooks and worksheets have been almost completely replaced, and working on collaborative projects has never been easier!