About Us


A focus on student achievement, effective classroom instruction, high standards and expectations for students, an orderly and secure climate for learning, strong leadership, and a shared vision about educational purpose among our staff.


We strive to provide students with a safe and inclusive campus with a focus on growth and individual achievements in both academics and athletics. Our goals include emphasizing community relevance, college preparedness, and individual integrity in an equitable way that empowers all students to have a greater impact on their world.


We want our students to thrive in this world. Their educational experience is a crucial time of growth and self-discovery. Through a focus on growth, relevance, and achievement, we will impact our local and global community.

A Message From Our Head of School

To all of our families,

     Welcome back to another exciting school year at Briarfield Academy.  We worked hard this summer to ensure that this year will be a memorable one for all of our students. This year is full of positive change as we continue to innovate and evolve in order to become a greater fixture in our area.

     Our goal is to create a growth mindset in the community and to continue looking to the future by enhancing the learning of our students. The faculty and staff here at Briarfield Academy are eager to work with our students and their families as we strive to make everyone’s learning experience a meaningful and long-lasting one.

     I am looking forward to meeting all of you and thank you for your continued support of Briarfield Academy.


Mr. Daniel Stanley, M.Ed
Head of School

Daniel Stanley

Head of School

Our History

From the 1970 Briarpatch yearbook:

       Briarfield Academy, only a vision in July, 1969, is the product of the love and devotion of our parents and friends. The foundation, walls, and roof are all parts of a joint community effort. Our fathers and brothers came at “quitting time” to contribute their bits of sawing, nailing, and painting. Our mothers and sisters swept, cleaned, and encouraged. And then, in September, 1969, our unyielding ambitions and zealous work produced a novelty in East Carroll Parish. Briarfield Academy had become a wonderful reality.

Edward J. Fly

First Principal

Carpentry work in one of the classrooms

The vision turning into a reality

Our Incredible Faculty and Staff

has a combined 375 years of educational experience

Elementary Staff
Haley Hopkins


Jamie Clement


Shelia Howard

1st Grade

Heather Payne

2nd Grade

Tara Bailey

3rd Grade

Rachel Frith

Upper Elementary, Assist. Principal

Joselyn Williams

Upper Elementary, Spanish

Tisha Parker

Upper Elementary

Secondary Staff
Emily Batton


Alisha Clark


Leslee Gallant

Counselor, Art

Patrick Marter

Social Studies, Athletics

Jeanette Martin


Cherie Morara

PE, Athletics

Zoe Rossouw

English, Business

Beau Travis

Athletic Director, Dean of Students

Lisa Walters

Computer Applications, Keyboarding, Tech

Jennifer Wise


Support Staff
Amanda Keene

Administrative Assistant

Dorothy Kelly


Angie Hammonds


Lindsey Hankins


Lisa Holt

Administrative Assistant

Tina Hutchinson

Cafeteria Manager

Marilyn McDaniel


Patsy Thomas